Our Beers

Hughe Brewery: IP1 (Ipswich Pilsner 1)



4.2% • Keg

Commissioned by us and brewed at the famous Huyghe Brewery in Belgium. Ready malt tones and subtle sweetness with a dry finish. This is our most popular beer and a fantastic session Pilsner. Always available.



Hacker Pshoor: Muncher Gold


5% •



session IPA

4.0% • Keg











Achel: Achel 8 / Achel Brun


Strong Blond / Strong Dark

8.0% • 330ml Bottle

Achel 8: Strong, hoppy and fruity ester blond Trappist, fortunate to have in stock as very rare across the globe.

Achel Bruin: Dried fruit and Christmas cake aroma, some of which follows in taste, rich drinking beer with a smooth mouthfeel.

Augustiner-Bräu: Edelstoff / Lagerbier Hell


Dortmunder / Helles Lager (Pale Lager)

5.6% • 500ml Bottle

Edelstoff: The brewery originally dates back to 1328. A truly remarkable sparkling export beer, subtle malt biscuit. For all beer fans.

Lagerbier Hell: Regarded as one of the best lagers in the world. Crisp smooth with a light hoped finish. The right balance and harmony.

Beavertown: Neck Oil / Gamma Ray


Session IPA / American Pale Ale

4.3% / 5.4% • 330ml Can

Neck Oil: Eight hops make up this incredibly fruity number, easy drinking and all the rage session IPA.

Gamma Ray: Floral & fruity on the nose followed by tropical and citrus fruit burst. Crisp bitterness to end, delicious beer.

Brewdog: Vagabond / Nanny State


Pale Ale Gluten Free / Low Alcohol Pale Ale

4.5% / 0.5% • 330ml Bottle

Vagabond: Hoppy pale ale with classic citrus and tropical notes supported by a biscuit caramel malty baseline.

Nanny State: Very sweet, fruity and hoppy. Pine, pineapple, passion fruit, mango and herbs together with citrus. Taste is herby and dry. Notes of caramel malts and hops. Good bitterness.

Brouwerij Huyghe: Delirium Tremens / Nocturum / Red / Christmas


Strong Blonde / Dark / Red / Red

8.5% / 8.5% / 8.0% / 10.0% • 330ml Bottle

Tremens: Malty blond beer, lightly hopped and several world best beer awards. Warming alcohol flavour lingers.

Nocturnum: Dark brown, notes of chocolate, caramel and mocha. Spice can be detected also coriander.

Red: Deep dark red colour providing a delicate fruity scent of cherries and almond, balanced off with a sweet & sour flavour.

Christmas: Starts off with some Belgian candied sweetness and spicy dark fruit as it warms along with the addition of malty breads.

Cloudwater Brewery: Manchester


DIPA / IPA / Lager / Pale Ale

4-11% • 440ml Can

New Stock arriving every month. Check our social feeds for the latest arrivals

AEgir: Witbeir / IPA / Little Bro


White Beer / IPA / Session IPA

4.7% / 6.5% / 4.7% • 330ml Can

Witbeir: Like the classic Belgian Wit beers, note the tangerine /orange and coriander.

IPA: Strong malt base with big west coast hop notes providing citrus earthy notes and spice.

Little Bro: Tropical fruit nose and a balance sweet malt base compliment the orange citrus bitter end.

La Trappe: Witte / Puur / Blond / Dubbel Tripel / Quadrupel


Wheat / Organic Ale / Blonde Ale / Dark Abbey Tripel / Abbey Quadrupel

5.5% / 4.7% / 6.5% / 7.0% / 8.0% / 10.0% • 330ml Bottle

Witte: The only Trappist wit in the world, has a citrus, peach & apricot aroma and spice to boot refreshing and smooth.

Puur: La Trappe PUUR is an easily drinkable, fresh, hoppy, light Trappist ale. Only top-grade organic ingredients are used to brew this ale.

Blond: Sweet and fruity aroma, leading to a spice and bitter sweet taste.

Dubbel: Aroma of caramel, vanilla and roasted chocolate and the subtle taste of dates and honey & dried fruit, light bitterness.

Tripel: A Dutch Trappist bier, punchy fruit esters and a rich malt body ending, dry and bitter.

Quadrupel: Notes of vanilla and banana and the taste of dates, raisins & caramel. Malty, sweet and slightly burnt. Intense and warming.

Chimay: Blue / Rouge / White


Strong Brune / Abbey Dubbel / Abbey Tripel (Pale)

9.0% / 7.0% / 8.0% • 330ml Bottle

Blue: Sweet aromas of fruit then yeast esters, taste to follow of caramel, roasted malt and more fruit with a little spice. Warming.

Rouge: Rich red colour with an apricot and cherry aroma.

White: Hazy appearance plus balance of hops and yeast on the nose produces a muscat and raisin aroma.

Deus: Brut de Flanders


Champagne Beer

11% • 750ml Bottle

Brewed in Belgium and then fermented in champagne (France). A smooth mouth feel with a lemon an ester bouquet.

Brouwerij Van Steenberge N.V.: Piraat / Gulden Draak


Strong Dark Ale

10.5% / 10.0% • 330ml Bottle

Piraat: Fruity, spicy aroma and the complexity shines through the whole beer with a moderate low bitterness.

Gulden Draak: Two fermentations, the second with wine yeast. Flavours include prunes, honey, spice, cloves and rich fruit with an alcoholic warmth.

Crooked Stave: St Bretta / Origins


Sour Wild Ale / Sour Red Brown

5.5% / 6.5% • 330ml Bottle

St Bretta: A complex tart amber coloured beer with orange and yeasty fruit esters from the Brett.

Origins: Barrel aged in oak, this follows into the aroma and flavour, with a sour fruity tartness and hints of grape, dry tart finish.

Früh: Kölsch



4.8% • 500ml Bottle

Style only brewed in Cologne, top fermented ale which is then Largered (cold stored). Malt sweet, bready & hop bitterness.

Hacker-Pschorr: Müncherner Gold


Helles Lager (Pale Lager)

5.5% • 500ml Bottle

Brewing since 1417, following the traditional purity law (Reinheitsgebot). The Gold is bitter, aromatic and medium bodied.

Rodenbach: Grand Cru


Sour Beer

6.0% • 330ml Bottle

1/3 young and 2/3 old beer blended then aged in oak. Fruity oak flavour and a lactic acidity, likened to wine. A Belgium masterpiece.

Verhaeghe: Duchesse de Bourgogne


Sour Red / Brown

6.2% • 330ml Bottle

Aged in oak this beer is known as the burgundy of Belgium. A blend of 8 and 18-month-old ales, very sour and complex.

Zot: Blonde


Blonde Ale

6.0% • 330ml Bottle

A best seller in the Belgium range we stock. Great head retention and a citrus aroma with a smooth mouth feel.

Harviestoun: Ola Dubh 12


Sherry Cask Old Ale

8.0% • 330ml Bottle

Rich Worcester sauce and leather like aroma, the taste is of chocolate, peat, hints of oak and dark fruit with a bitter finish.

Hofbräuhaus München: Dunkel


Dunkel (Dark Lager)

5.5% • 500ml Bottle

Dark lager beer with toasted toffee and bready notes and a restrained bitterness.

Hopf: Helle Weiβe

Hefeweizen (Cloudy Wheat Ale)

5.5% • 500ml Bottle

Typical wheat bier aroma fruity with a yeast haze, Its Unique Characteristics are thanks to Hopfs own pure yeast culture.

Kasteel: Rouge


Cherry Fruit Beer

8.0% • 330ml Bottle

A blend of Kasteel Donker beer and Cherry liquor. Sweet and medium bodied.

Kriek: Oude Geuze Mariage Parfait / Boon / Framboise


Geuze Lambic / Cherry Lambic / Raspberry Lambic

8.0% / 4.0% / 5.0% • 375ml Bottle

Geuze: Tart, refreshing, sparkling dry. Tremendous experience and a high quality Lambic.

Kriek: Slightly sweet to taste due to the real cherries used and a fragrance of sour cherries and almonds from the kernel.

Framboise: 25% Raspberry, 5% cherry make up this Lambic beer (spontaneous fermentation). Sweet and sour, a delicious beer all year.

Pauwel: Kwak


Belgian Strong

8.4% • 330ml Bottle

Amber in appearance, sweet malt flavour, full bodied beer served in a quirky authentic glass and stand.

Lindermans: Kriek


Cherry Sour Lambic

3.5% • 250ml Bottle

Smooth, rich cherry flavoured bier, sweetness on the nose with a sweet Morello taste and sour finish.

Meantime: India Pale Ale



7.4% • 750ml Bottle

Heavily hopped with Goldings and Fuggles from Kent to re-create this famous style more in tune with how it used to be

Mongozo: Banana / Pilsner / Coconut


Fruit Beer / Gluten Free Pilsner / Fruit Beer

3.6% / 5.0% / 3.6% • 330ml Bottle

Banana: A quirky beer more in tune with a banana milkshake if it weren’t for the carbonation.

Pilsner: Pilsner beer gluten free. Offering the full floral, spice and herbs. Organic and Fair Trade.

Coconut: If you wish, this beer can be served in a coconut and why not, this is a sweet wheat beer with plenty of coconut flavour.

Brasserie d’Orval: Orval


Golden Ale

6.2% • 330ml Bottle

Trappist style, Orval is a golden colour, characterized by a fresh hop bouquet, fruity esters and pronounced bitterness.

Paulaner: Hefe-Weizen Naturtrub / Hefe-Weizen Dunkel / Münchner Hell


Hefeweizen (Wheat Ale) / Dark Beer / Pale Lager

5.5% / 5.0% / 4.9% • 500ml Bottle

Naturtrub: Banana on the nose and hints of pineapple and mango. A perfectly balanced wheat bier and Germany’s No.1 Hefeweizen.

Dunkel: Mahogany brown offering a roasted aroma with hints of dark chocolate

Münchner Hell: The no.1 selling Bavarian beer. Helles is the style Germans brewed to rival Pilsner, this starts malty sweet but drys out as the lovely hoppy, malty and biscuit backbone takes over.

Pressure Drop: Wu Gang Chops the Tree / Bosko


Hefeweizen (Weat Beer) / Retro American IPA

3.8% / 6.5% • 330ml Bottle

Wu Gang: A real thirst quencher, hazy beer due to the wheat, with herbal tones and hints of clove, citrus and banana.

Bosko: Pine on the nose with sweet tropical fruit and spice that follows into the taste, very well-balanced malt profile.

Redwell: Kofra Stout / West Coast Pale Ale / Steam Lager


Coffee Stout / Pale Ale / Lager

5.9% / 5.6% / • 330ml Can

Kofra Stout: A collaboration, Infused with a Guatemalan coffee bean from the coffee hose around from the brewery. Easy and light.

West Coast: Explosion on the nose of passion fruit, crisp caramel malty flavour hints of pine, more tropical fruit in the aroma and taste.

Steam Lager: Appealing to both lager and ale drinkers by using more hops to give it some fruitiness combined with the caramel flavours of the local barley and the crisp, clean finish of a lager.

Brasserie Dupont: Saison Dupont


Saison (Seasonal Pale Ale)

6.5% • 330ml Bottle

Un-filtered beer so expect haze but this is the king of Saisons and offers a complexity and balance of fruit and bitterness.

St. Bernadus: Tripel / Pater 6 / Wit / ABT12


Abbey Tripel / Abbey Dubbel / Witbier / Quadrupel

8.0% / 6.7% / 5.5% / 10.0% • 330ml Bottle

Tripel: A beautiful pale ale with a fruity aroma and hints of Orange and honey to taste.

Pater 6: A beautiful Moorish dubbel offering similar notes to the ABT12 but lighter with its raisin and candied fruit notes.

Wit: A fine refreshing wit bier, orange and coriander and a honeyed backbone with spice bitterness, best wit in Belgium.

ABT12: Quadruple style, brewed and mirrored on the famous Westvleteren 12 this is regarded as one of the best beers in the world.

Timmermans Belgium: Peche


Peach Lambic

4.0% • 250ml Bottle

Fruity aroma and the peach follows leaving a gentle bitterness. Made with 100% peach flavouring and fermented in oak.

Brasserie Rochefort Belgium: Trappistes Rochefort 6 / 8 / 10


Strong Brune / Strong Dark / Quadrupel

7.5% / 9.2% / 11.3% • 300ml Bottle

6: Lighter body than the other two Rocheforts, reddish hue, offering a herbal aroma and flavour which develops into a deep fruitiness.

8: Trappist beer offering dried fruit flavour with undertones of fig, balanced with a biscuit malty note and delicate spice.

10: Caramel, Molasses & fruit nose and then a rich plumb and Raisin flavour with notes of cocoa and caramel, strong warmth from the alcohol coincides with the bold body.

Westfale Belgium: Tripel / Dubbel


Abbey Tripel Pale Ale / Abbey Dark Ale

9.5% / 7.0% • 330ml Bottle

Tripel: A complex ale with a fruit aroma and delicate spice notes that work in harmony. The product of a secondary fermentation lasting five weeks. It is soft and creamy in the mouth, with a bitter touch.

Dubbel: Trappist beer offering ripe banana notes, fragrant fruit and esters with caramel and toffee matiness. Full body flavour that is fruity and slightly bitter, with a long, dry finish.

Wild Beer Uk: Millionaire


Sweet Stout

4.7% • 330ml Bottle

Caramel notes with hints of chocolate and then the salt comes along for the ultimate contrast. A very enjoyable beer.

Wiper and True Uk: Citra and Rye / Hardshake / Milk Stout

Amber Ale / Imperial Milk Stout / Sweet Stout

5.4% / 10.0% / 4.1% • 500ml / 330ml / 500ml

Citra and Rye: Amber Ale finished off with spicy, peppery rye malts and paired with the wonderful Citra hop. This is abundant with intense, bold citrus flavours.

Hardshake: A stronger, more opulent version of the Milk Shake recipe, with lavish amounts of chocolate malts, vanilla and cacao nibs.

Milkshake: Contains lactose, a velvet smooth body with hints of vanilla and chocolate.

Schlenkerla: Rauchbier Märzen


Smoked Dark Ale

5.1% • 500ml Bottle

500-year-old plus recipe. A truly magnificent experience of campfire and smoked meats all in a glass. Bottom fermented. Seasonal Oak beer available when we can get it. Plus occasionally we have the Smokey Hells Lager.

London Beer Factory: Sayers Stout



4.5% • 330ml Can

Undertones of Coffee, chocolate , honey and pine

London Beer Factory UK: Beyond the Pale


Pale Ale

4.2% • 330ml Can

Complex array of stone fruit flavours and massive tropical aromas

Moor Brewery: Return of the empire



5.7% • 330ml Can

Jester is the UKs answer to the popular USA hops combining all the citrus and pine notes. 100% for the name.

Northern Monk: Eternal


session IPA

4.1% • 330ml Can

Tangerine aroma and a sublimely quenching citrus pith aftertaste that lingers.

Adnams: Dry Hopped Lager



4.2% • 330ml Can

Created using pilsner malt and Australian Galaxy hops, a crisp refreshing tropical fruit burst, a unique flavour for lager.

London Beer Factory UK: Bohemia Lager



5.0% • 330ml Can

Flavoured with a mix of traditional and new world hops, this classic pale lager retains the crisp character associated with Czech brewing.

London Beer Factory UK: Fruit Loop


Cream Ale

4.1% • 330ml Can

An American Cream Ale with added mango puree and Dry Hopped with Mosaic, making a smooth and creamy mango session strength beer.

Mad Hatter Brewery UK: Carrot Cake


Belgian Triple

9.0% • Bottle 330ml

This delightful tripel is the first new range of ’afternoon tea’ beers. This one is very much a Belgian Tripel with a slight sweetness from the addition of carrots. Sweet, spicy and warming.

Brixton Brewery UK: Atlantic APA


American Pale Ale

5.4% • 330ml Bottle

Juicy tropical flavour. Extra Pale malt keeps it crisp and lets the hops rule

Basque land Spain: AUPA


Pale Ale

5.3% • 330ml Bottle

California-style pale ale. Citrus, lightly bitter and refreshing. Sessional.

Basque land Spain: Arraun Amber


Amber Ale

5.0% • 330ml Bottle

Tropical fruit aroma. A palate of toasted sugar, freshly ground coffee beans, leather and grapefruit.

Brixton Brewery Uk: Nuclear Dawn


Botanical Sour

4.7% • 330ml bottle

Kettle soured beer has layers within layers of botanical and fruity flavours. Coriander and fennel give way to a sharp sour, mellowed by exotic market fruit.

Cloudwater UK: DDH Pale Enigma Galaxy


Double Dry Hop Pale Ale

5.2% • 440ml Can

This juicy, hazy hop bomb is showcasing the Enigma & Galaxy hops primarily, but then backed up with some nelson Sauvin & Simcoe for additional depth and fruit character.

St Bernardus Belgium: Grottenbier Sante



6.5% • 330ml Bottle

Pleasant fruity aroma, balanced between bitter and sweet.

St Feullion: Grand Cru


Strong Ale

9.5% • 330ml Bottle

Grand Cru’s delicate nose is a veritable cascade of hoppy aromas with hints of fruitiness coupled with subtlety and sheer richness

De Halve Maan: Straffe Hendrick Tripel


Abbey Tripel

9.0% • 330ml Bottle

Bready sweetness and shedloads of stone fruit aromas from the yeast, it’s a complex beer that starts sweet and finishes with a fizzy herbal bitterness from the saaz hop.

Brasserie Lefebvre: Blanche de Brussels



4.5% • 330ml Bottle

Coriander and orange peel in the beer are obvious in both the aroma and taste, lending the beer a spicy, zesty edge.

Buxton Brewery: Pale Ale


Pale Ale

5.2% • 330ml Bottle

A hazy deep golden colour with a medium white head. Aroma/Flavour of orange, grapefruit, some passionfruit. Nice biscuit malt backbone and so easy drinking.

Arbour: Gingerly Pale


Ginger Pale Ale

4.5% • 568ml Bottle

A very drinkable summer beer heavily hopped and dry hopped with Cascade and Motueka, with a refreshing twist of ginger.