Our Gins

Adnams First Rate, 47% abv, England

Made with a complex and powerful blend of 13 botanicals.

Through careful crafting, Adnams struck upon the perfect balance of 13 botanicals. It is the broad mix of botanicals which deliver a series of flavours through your gin drinking experience. A fabulous higher-than-average proof gin from the Southwold-based Adnams Brewery. Big and full-bodied, and rated Best New Product at the CLASS Magazine Awards 2011.

Audemus Pink Pepper, 44% abv, France

Full of peppery goodness.

A Pink Pepper Gin from French producers Audemus, situated in the heart of Cognac. Made with hand-picked pink peppercorns and a handful of other tasty botanicals including honey, vanilla and cardamom - all of which are macerated separately then distilled under low pressure and temperature. You'll find a good juxtaposition between sweet and spicy notes in this one.

Aviation, 43% abv, USA

A small batch Dutch style distilled gin from America.

Aviation Gin is distilled from rye and flavoured with juniper, lavender, anise, Sarsaparilla, orange peel and cardamom. Nose: Very clean and all on the juniper. Beautiful lavender flavours, and citrus, with sweet grains and earthiness. Palate: Spicy and oily in feel, floral notes and liquorice. Finish: Long and extremely clean. Lasts for hours!

Bathtub, 43.3% abv, England

Beautifully smooth cold compounded gin.

An extraordinary award-winning gin, made using the traditional method of Cold Compounding (or in layman’s terms – infusing). Very high quality copper pot-still spirit is infused with ingredients including: juniper, orange peel, coriander, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. This gin is made in ultra-small batches and the length of the compounding period is controlled entirely by periodic sampling. The resulting spirit is a truly smooth and clean gin with fresh, bright flavours of the botanicals. It’s presented just like an old apothecary medicine bottle – brown paper, string and wax sealed by hand. Best with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic.

Bertha’s Revenge Irish Milk, 42% abv, Co Cork, Ireland

Fragrant nose, a soft mouth feel and warm spicy middle notes.

This gin is a unique endeavour that takes its base spirit from whey and its name from a legendary cow – Big Bertha. Bertha reached the grand old age of 48 and had birthed 39 calves by the time she died in 1993 earning herself the title of world’s oldest cow. The gin is distilled at Ballyvolane House Spirits as a tribute to her longevity. Only 100 bottles made per distillation.

Star of Bombay, 47.5% abv, England

Rich aromas and intense flavours. A pimped up Bombay Sapphire!

It includes two extra botanicals – Bergamot orange peel from Calabria in southern Italy and musky ambrette seeds from Ecuador, as well as the ten that go into Bombay Sapphire. It is also stronger than the “Sapphire” at 47.5% abv. The distilleries signature vapour infusion process has been slowed down to produce richer aromas and intense flavours. The gin has a floral musky aroma from the ambrette seeds. The classic flavours of juniper, angelica and coriander have been beautifully balanced. Its richly aromatic, and has along finish.

Bloom Jasmine and Rose 40%abv

Naturally extracted flower botanical's making it a perfect choice for a summers day!

Exquisite floral flavours, with rose giving a distinctive scent from its oil when distilled, and jasmine for its beautifully fragrant aroma when the flower opens. Try with Fever tree Elder-flower Tonic.

Bloom London Dry, 40% abv, England

A beautiful floral summer gin.

Bloom's signature taste comes from the chamomile plant, which gives it a more soothing flavour. Using slightly different botanicals as inspiration, Bloom contains honeysuckle, chamomile and even pomelo fruit to provide a little sweetness to the gin. Bloom won the Spirits Business Master 2014 and Silver in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition of the same year.

Brockmans, 40% abv, England

Blueberries make this a very smooth and fruity gin.

A fusion of botanicals sourced from all over Europe, this is an intensely smooth, refreshing fruity gin unlike any other on the market. The unique recipe uses Tuscan Juniper, Bulgarian coriander, Valencian Orange peel and wild dried Blueberries and blackberries. A carefully managed steeping and copper pot distillation method results in the highly distinctive and smooth taste. The traditional juniper notes act as a platform for the aromatic wild berries and the citrus kick to come to life.

Blue Bottle Dry, 47%abv

Made in Guernsey. Light Juniper, sweet spice, a hint of coconut and a lasting sweetness.

features a selection of botanicals which include juniper, cubeb pepper, nutmeg and local gorse flowers. The name comes from the creator looking at a fly under the microscope and discovering its intricacies and beauty which could easily be missed - hence the brand's tagline "Look for beauty everywhere".

Bombay Sapphire, 40% abv, England

Ten beautiful botanicals

Named in honour of gin’s popularity in India throughout British rule, Bombay Sapphire is in fact a born and bred London Gin. Flavoured with the finest juniper berries from Tuscany, these remain at the heart of Bombay Sapphire’s flavour, resulting in a much-loved dry, herbal tang.

Brooklyn, 40%abv

Made in New York with fresh citrus peels and hand-cracked Juniper!

Fresh from the bottle, there’s a vibrant surge of citrus. The attention to this category of botanicals is evident: lime, Mineola orange and other sweet orange notes. Juniper, lavender, cardamom and coriander notes as well. Quite complex with a lot of facets; however, the citrus is the star.

Bullards Norwich, 42.5% abv, England

Won ‘Best London Dry Gin in the World’.

The spicy gin with subtle Tonka bean, almond and gingerbread flavour. This London Dry is incredibly smooth with a subtle sweetness perfect on the rocks or as a Gin & Tonic.

Burleigh’s Signature London Dry, 40% abv, England

Perfect for a classic G&T but with a little more zing!

Distilled with 11 of the world’s finest botanicals, including silver birch, dandelion, burdock, elderberry, and iris to make a smooth and balanced gin. Nose: Crisp, fresh and vibrant with piney eucalyptus and bright citrus top notes. Palate: Dry juniper freshness followed by pine citrus zest and eucalyptus. Earthy, spicy and floral notes in the background. Finish: Long and warming with Parma violet, pine, dry juniper and lavender.

Daffy’s, 43.4% abv, Scotland

Exclusively made with Lebanese Mint.

Daffy's Small Batch Premium Gin is made with grain spirit from northern France. The Scottish distillers use a selection of eight botanicals including Juniper, Lebanese mint, coriander, angelica root, Spanish lemon and orange peels, Cassia Bark and orris root. The bottle design, incidentally, is the work of Robert McGinnis, the American artist who made film posters for various James Bond and Matt Helm films as well as Breakfast at Tiffany's and Barbarella!

Bullards Strawberry & Black Pepper, 40% abv, England

The perfect fresh and fruity gin for Summer.

Bullards 'Award Winning' Norwich Dry Gin now has a sweet little sister. Bullards Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin is distilled in the heart of Norwich, using fresh strawberries, during both distillation and infusion processes. There are no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. It is sweet and fruity on both the nose and peppery to taste - perfect for sipping over ice or as a G&T.

Citadelle, 44% abv, France

Fragrant, complex and elegant.

This multi-award winning gin is made with 19 botanicals and distilled in a copper still over a naked flame for 12 hours. Nose: Fresh flowers, jasmine, honeysuckle and cinnamon. Palate: Juniper gives way to a voluptuous complexity redolent of fresh flowers. Finish: Elegant, round and highly refined. It is the bestselling gin in Spain.

Fishers, 44% abv, England

A London dry gin from the Suffolk coast.

Made with a barley base alongside classic gin botanicals (juniper, cardamom, orange and lemon peels) as well as some not-so-classic botanicals - spignel, rock samphire, wood aven and bog myrtle, all native to the Suffolk coast. Nose: Herbaceous and subtly salty. Vegetal rock samphire notes stand out. Palate: Slightly sweeter than on the nose, with fresh juniper and orange peels. Still herbal, and perhaps a little coastal. Finish: Mint leaf and cardamom. Juniper remains sweet. A gin as pure and wild as the sea. Best with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Copperhead, 48% abv, Belgium

This gin is almost the elixir of life.

This Belgian gin is distilled with juniper, cardamom, orange peel, angelica and coriander. Copperhead Gin first hits you with sweet and citrusy aromas and flavours, followed by a persistent juniper tang and honeyed sweetness.

Copperhead Black Batch, 42% abv, Belgium

Welcome to the dark side of gin.

Special production; you won’t find this in many places! Think dark and spicy with a citrus kick, this is not spring fields of flowers, this is powerful stuff - you should try it.

Deaths Door, 47% abv, USA

Only 3 botanicals; incredibly smooth due to the vodka base spirit.

Death's Door Gin has a surprisingly simple botanical mix of organic juniper berries, coriander and fennel. Nose: Aromas of creamy vanilla toffee followed by peppery spice and fresh juniper and anise. Palate: A big, peppery juniper hit with notes of wood resin, citrus and spice carried on the soft, creamy spirit. Finish: Long with a cooling anise character

Elephant, 45% abv, Germany

Saving Elephants!

Elephant Dry Gin is distilled with some rather unusual but fascinating African ingredients like Baobab, the Buchu plant, Devil's Claw and African Wormwood. 15% of the profits Elephant Gin make, go to two African elephant foundations.

Edgerton Pink Gin, 43% abv, England

Packs a delicious botanical punch – and it’s pink!

Edgerton Pink Gin is distilled at Thames Distillers in London from a unique combination of 15 botanicals including damania which has been used as an aphrodisiac by the native people of Mexico including the Mayan Indians. With tonic, the sweet orange and juniper notes open up and soften to give an appealing floral nose and a touch of sugar plum followed by a dryer refreshing finish where the pomegranate comes through.

Eden Mill Hop, 46% abv, Scotland

The gin with Hops.

Using Australian galaxy hops as a botanical which is cold compounded after distillation (giving the gin a slight yellow hue), the team claim their Hop Gin marks an “evolution” linking the two crafts of brewing and distilling together. With both craft gin and craft beer movements in full force, this gin has proved to be a huge hit since its launch. A gin for craft beer lovers (as well as gin lovers).

G’Vine Floraison, 40% abv, France

Infused with Ugni Blanc grape.

The subtle aromatic vine flower, together with the grape spirit results in a light, smooth, delicate and floral gin evolving into spicy warmth with an extremely long finish. The name Floraison means “flowering”, the key moment in the life cycle of the vine and the perfect description for a gin that is fresh and floral, refreshing yet round and smooth, evoking the very essence of springtime in the vineyards, when the air is filled with fragrance of blossoming vine flowers. Best with Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic.

Hoxton, 43% abv, England

Warning - Grapefruit and coconut!

If you like Pina Coladas!!! A fresh and fruity gin with an impressive array of ethically-sourced ingredients. Coconut, grapefruit, juniper, iris, tarragon and ginger are macerated for 5 days before a single distillation in 150-year-old copper pot-stills to obtain the perfect concentration for blending with grain spirit. Hoxton Gin is then filtered and rested in steel tanks for two months, a longer than usual process which helps integrate the myriad flavours.

Half Hitch, 40% abv, England

Black tea and bergamot.

Half Hitch Gin - 'The G with Tea' - is handmade in Camden and uniquely made with bergamot and black tea. Half Hitch smells bright, fruity, mellow, aromatic, rounded and slightly herbal, with aromas of citrus including the bergamot. At first it tastes spicy and sweet, with clear flavours of bergamot, orange peel, nutmeg and some of that black tea. It has hints of woody spice and a slight grassiness. Once the spice has calmed and dispersed, the more mellow flavours hang around for absolutely ages.

Eden Mill Love, 42% abv, Scotland

Pale pink!

Love Gin launched in Spring 2015, the recipe includes more typical core botanicals (juniper, coriander seed, angelica) and eight more exotic flavours, including: rose petal, elderberry, rhubarb root, marshmallow root, goji berry, raspberry leaf and whole hibiscus flowers. The hibiscus is infused after distillation. This combination gives it a pale pink colour and a mellow, softer flavour.

Eden Mill Oak, 42% abv, Scotland

Oak cask aged gin.

A delicious oak cask aged gin from progressive craft gin distillers Eden Mill in St. Andrews. After distillation, the gin is rested in oak casks for a few weeks to allow it to take on the flavours and textures of the cask but without overwhelming the spirit. The result is a rich and spicy gin with hints of vanilla and roasted caramel.

Gin Mare, 43% abv, Spain

The essence of the Mediterranean. An incredible gin.

This is one beautiful gin. It’s seriously impressive and made all the more desirable by its gorgeous bottle. Distilled in a fishing village near Barcelona, Gin Mare smells and tastes like essence of the Mediterranean. It was designed as a ‘pan-Mediterranean concept’ that unites the different cultures around the sea, representing their botanical stars. Its primary botanicals are Arbequina olives, thyme, basil, rosemary & lemon. Gin Mare smells of Mediterranean Sea breezes. It has clear scents of its woody herbs and citrus, with subtle sweetness. It tastes spicy at first then mellows, with an exponentially long, soft finish when the olives really come through. It’s herby and complex at the same time as being gentle and fragrant. Best with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic.

Haymans London Dry, 41.5% abv, England

Traditional style of London Dry Gin.

It is distilled to a family recipe of a classic blend of 10 carefully selected botanicals from around the world including juniper, coriander, orange and lemon peel. A fresh, crisp and elegant gin with zesty citrus notes and a balanced delicate finish.

Haymans Royal Dock, 57% abv, England

Export Strength Royal Navy Gin.

You can expect a charismatic bright and robust style, with unrivalled intensity. But even at 57% abv, this gin is not all overpowering. There’s a certain smoothness as it retains a brilliant balance of juniper, coriander and citrusy flavours. Anchored in tradition, this is a navy strength gin that was once enjoyed by the officers of a ship. in fact, it’s the very same that was supplied to the Royal navy from 1863.

Haymans Old Tom Gin, 40% abv, England

A classic Old Tom Gin. Hayman Distillery.

Nose: Sweet lavender, candied lemon peel, hints of violets and tangy juniper plus orange zest. Palate: Zesty, rich palate. Sweet with gingerbread, juniper and spice. Finish: Good length, with developing sweet, spicy dryness and iced tea.

Hendrick's, 41.4% abv, Scotland

Unique cucumber & rose Scottish gin.

Housed inside an unmistakable dark apothecary bottle, Hendrick's Gin is blended with cucumber and rose infusions after distillation. It's unique and this method makes Hendrick's distinct from London Dry and Plymouth Gins. Distilled differently to most, all the botanicals are added to the top of the spirit to ensure only the best flavours survive the extraction process.

Malfy, 41% abv, Italy

A perfectly soft and citrussy gin made using Italian lemons.

Malfy Gin is made by Torino Distillati, or Turin Distillery. A wonderfully vibrant, New Western Gin, Malfy Gin radiates brightly with lemon and citrus zest. Sharp and dry on the nose with an abundance of fresh lemon and a hint of ginger, Malfy softens on the palate becoming lemon sorbet-like. Despite being a very modern gin, there is noticeable juniper and a touch of black pepper that brings the gin around perfectly. Best with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic.

Martin Millers, 40% abv, England

One of the most awarded gins on the planet!

With botanicals sourced worldwide, a copper pot still that is over 100 years old, and water from Iceland (the purest, softest water in the world), Martin Miller's Dry Gin is smooth and delicate. It has long lasting citrus aromas with juniper notes punching through but not overpowering, and a soft, clean finish. One of the most awarded gins on the planet, distilled in England.

Martin Millers Westbourne, 45.2% abv, England

Higher abv to the original adding depth and additional flavour.

Higher abv to the original adding depth and additional flavour Using the same distillation techniques and botanicals as the original, it’s the alcohol content that sets them apart and gives Westbourne its unique flavour. An increase to 45.2%abv gives it that extra bit or character, bringing out the juniper flavours and giving a spicier, richer gin that still retains the classic smooth soft texture of the original.

Mean London Dry, 43% abv, England

Inspired in Greenwich.

This brand-new gin is the creation of one man’s ambition to create the perfect example of a London Dry and, in our opinion, he has succeeded! The idea was conceived in his apartment in Greenwich two years ago and the journey he has been on to create it has culminated in this prime meridian spirit. It is traditionally distilled is small batches in South London and has a cardamom and citrus forward with a spicy undertone. We were privileged to be the first bar in the UK to stock this fabulous gin! Best with Fever-Tree Light Tonic.

Monkey 47, 47% abv, Germany

Made with 47 botanicals!

This is the fastest-selling gin in the UK at the moment, and for a premium gin with a tidal wave of new gins on the market, that is saying something! A small batch production, made with the benefit of "masterful distillation and maturation", it has scents of citrus and pure juniper, with lavender notes and a slightly sweet floral aroma, a tangy and crisp citrus edge, a hint of peppery spices and subtle bitter fruit. The 47 handpicked botanicals - centring on the lingonberry - are predominantly sourced in the Black Forest, Germany, and prepared in soft local spring water, giving it an unrivalled complexity and quality. Best with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic.

Rock Rose, 41.5% abv, Scotland

Recommended by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.

Rock Rose Gin is made at the Dunnet Bay Distillery all the way up in Caithness, Scotland. This very northerly gin features an alluring botanical selection including locally harvested Rhodiola rosea, Rowan berries, sea buckthorn, blaeberries, verbena, coriander seed, cardamom and juniper from two different countries - Italy and Bulgaria. When combined with Fever-Tree tonic, fruity berry palate and a floral nose combine to make this one beautiful gin experience.

Pinkster, 37.5% abv, England

Hand steeped in fresh raspberries.

Deliciously dry with gentle fruity notes, this small batch gin is full of character but wonderfully smooth. Nose: Orange peels and angelica, with a subtle whiff of tart raspberries coming through. Palate: Rounded fruit. A drying touch of pepper. Vanilla bean and coriander. Finish: Zesty raspberries and a grassy hint of water mint.

Plymouth Gin, 41.2% abv, England

Try as a Pink G&T with Aromatic Tonic – The Pink Flamingo!

Plymouth Gin used to be geographically protected so it could only be produced in Plymouth, Devon. Flavour-wise, it's similar to a London Dry Gin, though slightly sweeter and containing a different blend of botanicals with more emphasis on earthy roots and fruit-forward flavours. Plymouth gin has been distilled with the same seven exotic botanicals and soft Dartmoor water and pure grain alcohol since 1793.

Portobello Road 171, 42% abv, England

Fresh, clean and pure in profile.

This gin was released by award winning Notting Hill Bar Portobello Star, home of the Ginstitute. This is where one can learn an awful lot about gin, so you would expect Portobello Road No 171 to be rather good, and indeed it is. It’s an old-style London Dry Gin, containing traditional botanicals and spices, that harks back to the gins of yesteryear. Made in Portobello Road using the city’s smallest working copper pot still.

Opihr Oriental Spiced, 40% abv, England

Pronounced ‘O-Peer’. Oriental Spiced Gin.

A London Dry Gin made with botanicals from along the traditional spice route that led back to the UK. Indonesian Cubeb berries, Indian black pepper and Moroccan coriander are all used in this gin Nose: A rich oriental spiced gin with a smooth perfume and sharp bursts of citrus Palate: More discernible spiciness and juniper with plenty of coriander. Finish: Long length with soft cracked black pepper and spice. Overall: A handsome gin that's playfully spiced. Best with Fentimans Rose Lemonade.

The Botanist, 46% abv, Isle of Islay

A breath of botanical Islay in every glass.

Nine classic gin botanicals and 22 local herbs and flowers, including hawthorn flower, meadow sweet, and water mint, are hand-picked by their expert team of botanical scientists from the windswept hills, peat bogs and Atlantic shores of this Hebridean island. A highly distinctive, complex, floral gin with outstanding finish and impeccable provenance. Simmer distilled, under very low pressure for a rare explosion of flavour.

Edinburgh Raspberry Gin Liqueur, 20% abv, Scotland

Sweet and tart.

A fruity liqueur handmade in the heart of Scotland by infusing award-winning Edinburgh Gin with a mixture of juicy Perthshire Raspberries and cane sugar. Magical when added to our individual 200ml award winning Prosecco - our “Raspberry Gin Fizz”!

William Chase Elegant Crisp Apple, 48% abv, England

Made with apples from their own 300yr old bioganic orchards.

William Chase Elegant is the first gin to be made using apple vodka as the base spirit. They then add hops, elderflower, juniper, Bramley apple and angelica plus secret wild botanicals from their meadow and fresh water from their well. The nose is citrus and fresh, the palate is warm and spicy and the finish is aromatic and complex. Try with Fever-Tree Ginger Beer.

Sacred, 40% abv, England

Double Gold Medal Award Winner at San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Each of the 12 organically sourced botanicals of this classic London Dry Gin is distilled separately under a low-pressure vacuum (unlike a traditional distillery with copper pot stills) to create a fresh, creamy, beautifully balanced gin like no other. The scale of production at the Sacred Micro-distillery is possibly the smallest in the world for a commercial gin and is the only vacuum distillery in London. The name ‘Sacred’ comes from one of the botanicals used to create this gin – Frankincense (whose other name is Boswellia Sacra, perhaps making the “sacred” link a little more obvious).

Silent Pool, 43% abv, England

Made with spring water from the Silent Pool itself.

Silent Pool Gin is produced on the Albury Estate in the Surrey Hills, right next to the Silent Pool, a beautiful, mysterious spring-fed lake - what a place to create a gin! The gin itself features 24 botanicals, including kaffir lime, chamomile, local honey and lavender, among others, resulting in a subtly sweet though intricately-balanced tipple. Best with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic.

Sipsmith, 41.6% abv, England

Sipsmith: As London as gin gets.

This multi-award winning gin was launched in 2009, having been made in the first copper still in London for nearly 200 years. It led the way for the whole modern craft distilling movement. "The quintessential expression of a classic, traditional London Dry Gin." Bold, complex and aromatic, perfect for a G&T - in which you'll taste hints of orange marmalade and lemon tart.

Sipsmith V.J.O.P., 57.7% abv, England

This one is supercharged!

V.J.O.P. (which of course stands for “Very Junipery Over Proof”) is made in a similar way to Sipsmith’s regular gin, except that the juniper has been turned up to eleven. With extra juniper added to the original recipe, even more is added while the gin is in Sipsmith’s lovely pot still, and it’s also vapour infused via their Carter head.

Sir Robin of Locksley, 40.5% abv, England

An English sipping gin from Yorkshire.

Deliciously smooth and round on the palate – warm cassia notes soothed with dandelion. Pink grapefruit adds an underlying sweetness and lingering citrus finish. Balanced yet distinctively unique. Enjoy neat, chilled over ice or as a G&T.

Tanqueray, 43.1% abv, England

A simple London Gin with 180 years of history.

Tanqueray is gin stripped down to its most naked form. Distilled four times over with only four botanicals added to the spirit: juniper, Angelica, Coriander and Liquorice. This is perfect gin to have at any time. It’s a simple but balance London Dry Gin. Fact: Frank Sinatra’s favourite gin.

Tanqueray No 10, 47.3% abv, England

An incredible small batch London Dry Gin made in pot still Number 10.

Tanqueray No 10 is citrusy and full bodied. Based on the original Tanqueray recipe but with unusual extras that are kept a trade secret, plus this has a higher abv than the traditional Tanqueray.

Tarquin’s Gin, 42% abv, England

Hand crafted in Cornwall – vibrant, fresh and unique.

The process of making Tarquin’s Gin begins when they gently steep hand-sorted botanicals in wheat spirit overnight. It is then distilled in a small pot, flame-heated still, using a one-shot method. Just 300 bottles are made per batch – tiny to say the least! Their juniper is from Kosovo, it is fresh and earthy/woody, but also quite floral. To complement, they use lemon-sherberty coriander seeds from Bulgaria, angelica root from Poland, orris root and bitter almond from Morocco, green cardamom seeds from Guatemala, cinnamon from Madagascar, liquorice root from Uzbekistan and Devon violets from the garden.

Tarquin’s Seadog Navy Strength, 57% abv, England

Spicy, sweet and strong – a Cornish delight.

Sea Dog is the navy-strength release of Tarquin's Cornish Dry Gin. Produced at the Southwestern Distillery in Cornwall, this is made with botanicals from around the world, including handpicked Devon violets. Other botanicals include orris root, green cardamom seeds and cinnamon. The gin is distilled in Tamara, their copper pot still named after the goddess of the River Tamar. The nose is spicy juniper and cardamom with sweet, fragrant citrus, pine and sweet almond. The palate is fragrant and fresh, rounded notes from the nose and black pepper warmth. The finish is big, spicy and drying.

Thomas Dakin, 42% abv, England

Orange & horseradish London Dry Gin.

It's named after Thomas Dakin, who began producing gin in Warrington in the second half of the 18th Century, founding what would later become Greenall's. He was a pioneer who made gin of a surprising quality for the day, and who is rightly celebrated. It has scents of sweet orange, citrus and juniper. It tastes smooth, intense and slightly spicy. It quickly softens, leaving a lingering sweet citrus and savoury flavour. Distilled in small batches with a secret recipe of eleven botanicals, including the unique 'red cole' (AKA horseradish) that gives Thomas Dakin Gin a long, lingering hot finish.

Warner Edwards Elderflower, 40% abv, England £3.30 / £8.40

The very essence of a British Summer’s day.

The two friends behind Warner Edwards infuse their Harrington Dry Gin with freshly harvested elderflower grown in Northamptonshire and Rhualt, then they add a little bit of sugar to create a delicately sweet, light and floral Summer aperitif. Best with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic.

Martin Millers 9 Moons, 40% abv, England/Iceland

Matured in Bourbon casks for 9 months.

With only very, very limited quantities ever made, it's unknown if there will even be a wider release as this is a single barrel expression (with around 1,500 37.5cl bottles released globally). Even if there is a more permanent aged addition to their range, using blending techniques to marry various casks, as this is a single barrel release - this 9 Moons bottling will be by its very definition, a completely unique expression. 9 Moons casked aged gin is matured in Bourbon casks for 9 months – (or 9 Moons if you prefer) in the cool climes of Iceland. Warming pepper and rounded vanilla, classic notes from cask-aged gins. The wonderfully bright citrus and juniper of Martin Millers comes through clearly and in great balance with the notes imparted from the cask.

Zymurgorium Distillery & Northern Monk Brewery Infirmarian Black Hop Gin, 40% abv, England

Made with hops…and it’s purple!

A collaboration between Zymurgorium Distillery in Manchester and Northern Monk Brewery in Leeds. This gin was envisioned as a deconstruction of a black IPA in gin form, Infirmarian is a "black hop gin" laced with Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic, where the hops character is accentuated by grapefruit and kissed by junipers and liquorice.

Zymurgorium Distillery & Northern Monk Brewery Cahokia Gin, 40% abv, England

Made with New World hops.

This is a unique spirit made using juniper as you would expect, but it also has New World hops, coffee, vanilla, orris, lime, Mexican organic royal blue agave, mango, pineapple and tangerine! This is one smooth and incredibly delicious gin.

Sipsmith Sloe, 29% abv, England

Touches of strawberry and raspberry with hints of citrus peel.

Sipsmith Sloe Gin is produced each year with wild sloe berries that are hand-picked during autumn. Their London Dry Gin is then infused with all those yummy sloes for each delicious vintage release!

Bathtub Sloe, 33.8% abv, England

Almond, berries and hints of vanilla.

Almost half a pound of the finest Sloes are used to produce every bottle of his cold-compounded Sloe Gin. The result? A Sloe Gin that has tonnes and tonnes of character.

Warner Edwards Rhubarb, 40% abv, England

Subtle, sweet and refreshing.

Made using a crop of rhubarb originally grown in the kitchen garden of Buckingham palace during the reign of Queen Victoria. The rhubarb juice is extracted using a traditional fruit press and blended with Warner Edwards Harrington Dry Gin to produce an alluring pink gin that is voluptuous on the palate with a sweet and tangy royal rhubarb explosion. Lovely with tonic and a dash of Vanilla Bitters or alternatively try it with a Fever-Tree Ginger Ale.

Brooklyn, 40% abv, USA

Vibrant, citrussy and classic,

Brooklyn Gin is a craft spirit made in New York with fresh citrus peels and hand-cracked juniper. It is fresh, complex, and flavourful. It takes three days to make 300 bottles using one Copper Pot Still. It won a double gold medal at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, a double gold medal at the 2015 New York World Wine & Spirits Competition, a gold medal at the 2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, a gold medal at the 2015 Craft Competition, and 91 points and a rating of “Excellent, Highly Recommended” at the 2015 Ultimate Spirits Challenge.

Burleigh's Pink, 40% abv, England

Sweet hibiscus, cherry blossom and cranberries balanced with intense pink grapefruit zest.

Zesty and fragrant on the nose with grapefruit at the fore, vibrant, sweet and soft on the palate with a long, smooth and floral finish with lasting zingy bitterness and aromatic spice. Best served with Pink Aromatic Tonic.

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz, 37.8% abv, Australia

Distilled with Yarra Valley Shiraz grapes.

This intriguing treat is the delicious result of mixing Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin with Yarra Valley Shiraz grapes. The Australian distillers steeped the grapes in the gin for eight weeks, then pressed the grapes and blended it with yet more of their gin! The palate is thick with juicy berry notes, underpinned by hints of peppery juniper and earthy herbs. A light hint of Christmas-y spices lingers. Incredibly rich and deep purple in colour.

Whitley Neill Quince, 43% abv, England

Inspired by the flavours of Persia.

This unique and deliciously sweet and fruity gin is distilled using the juice from the Turkish quince fruit (a pear like fruit from the Middle East) and baobab fruit (pronounced BEY-oh-Bab) from South Africa which is one of the most nutritious fruits on the planet. It has a touch of ripe pear and peach hiding in there too. Just delicious!

Nordes Atlantic Galician, 40% abv, Spain

Distilled from Albariño wine.

Nordes Atlantic Galician Gin is distilled from Albariño wine and a selection of 12 wild Galician botanicals such as laurel, caralleira grass, lemon verbena and eucalyptus resulting in a clean, distinctive gin with subtle floral flavours and a hint of citrus and spice. This unique flavour profile is inspired by the eponymous fresh northerly Atlantic wind. Best with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic.

Fifty Pounds, 43.5% abv, England

Named after the 1736 Gin Act.

A perfect combination of its natural ingredients give this gin an exceptional smoothness. Originally named after the 1736 Gin Act which levied a fee of £50 on anyone producing gin in the UK, designed to stem the gin craze which had spread the country, the Fifty pounds contains 11 botanicals. The first 8 are the classic ones: juniper, angelica root, coriander, liquorice root, grains of paradise, lemon and orange rind. The three remaining botanicals form part of the Fifty Pounds Gin 'secret' recipe. Best with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic.

Dictador Colombian Ortodoxy, 43% abv, Columbia

Aged in used rum barrels.

Colombian Ortodoxy gin is based on the formula of Dario Parra, former president of Dictador and lover of gin. After his many extended visits to the UK and of course, enjoying what was for him ‘God’s drink’, he returned to Colombia determined to create a Colombian gin and did so using rum barrels. On the nose, it displays a balance of the bitterness of the roots, the freshness of the botanicals, the sweet and sour of berries and peels, and the warmth of the spices. The initial aroma is of the juniper and the angelica combined with mint, lemon and pepper. The secondary aromas of cinnamon, blueberry and ginger merge. It is flavourful, smooth, yet sweet and sour with the astringency of classic gin.

Wilkin & Sons Little Scarlet Strawberry Gin Liqueur, 28% abv, England

Simply delicious!

Little Scarlet Strawberries are unique to the Wilkin Estates at Tiptree, Essex, where they have been growing fruit since the 1800s.They are hand-picked, then sent to, Hayman's, in Witham, Essex. Hayman’s have an artisan still where they make traditional London Dry Gin. Wilkins berries are rested in the gin, and the result is this delicious gin liqueur, offering bright, clean strawberry notes with a crisp background of juniper.

Wilkin & Sons English Raspberry Gin Liqueur

English Raspberries at their very best!

Raspberries are amongst the most traditional of crops farmed at Tiptree. Each year Wilkins wait until the fruit is perfectly plump and juicy before picking. Tiptree English Raspberry Gin Liqueur bursts with the fruitiness of English raspberries.

Wilkin & Sons English Damson Gin Liqueur, 28% abv, England

Velvety sweet.

Every Autumn, vibrant Blue damsons bring a splash of colour to the Tiptree orchards each Damson plum is carefully hand-picked into a basket. Tiptree English Damson Gin Liqueur offers a deep, velvet sweetness of damson with more than a hint of almond on the finish.

Whitley Neill, 42% abv, England

Multi award winning small batch gin with unique botanicals.

Inspired by the flavours of Africa, crafted in England and created by a descendant of the famous Greenall Distilling family. It contains two very unique botanicals: tangy citrus fruit from the African Baobab tree and aromatic cape gooseberries. This is very smooth with rich juniper & citrus, pot pourri and exotic spices. It is both citrusy sweet and peppery with distinct floral aroma.

Caoruun, 41.8% abv, Scotland

A small batch gin from the Balmenach distillery in Speyside.

Caorunn (pronounced ka-roon), is floral at first, with notes of lavender and citrus blossom. It then develops into a slightly spicy, aromatic taste adventure of orange oil and rosemary and finishes with long, drying juniper and leafy herb. A pinch of peppery rye lingers. It is infused with a combination of traditional and handpicked botanicals including rowan berry, heather, bog myrtle, coul blush apple and dandelion. It has won multiple silver and bronze awards at the International Wine & Spirits Competitions.

Scapegrace, 42.2% abv, New Zealand

Distilled at the foot of the ice capped Southern Alps.

Scapegrace gin comes to us all the way from New Zealand, featuring a selection of 12 botanicals (juniper, coriander, nutmeg, cardamom, lemon peel, orange peel, orris, cinnamon, cassia, angelica, clove and liquorice) and presented in a bottle inspired by an antique genever bottle. "Scapegrace" is another name for a rogue or scoundrel… in case you were wondering! Nose: Big and fresh with pronounced aromatic intensity. A place where juniper, orange peel, and deep spice dominate. Palate: Vibrant in the mouth as the citrus and juniper enjoy prominence. Smooth but crisp on the palate. Finish: Long, and flavour filled.

East London Liquor Company Batch No.2, 47% abv, England

A floral, herbaceous and woody gin.

Made with 12 botanicals including juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, thyme, winter savoury, fennel seed, orris root, lavender, lemon peel, sage and bay leaf. Thyme and fennel are evident throughout with the lavender adding some floral intrigue to the nose. The bay leaf, sage and winter savoury bring a herbal and woody characteristic to the gin. The finish is warming but not too spicy.